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United Through Diabetes 2023


Event Name: United Through Diabetes
Sector: Healthcare, Diabetes
Venue: Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire
Format: 1 Day Live Event
Event Package: The Compleat Package

The Background
Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) aim to raise awareness of all forms of diabetes.  The organisation provides information and support to help people self-manage their condition and is instrumental in diabetes research funding in the UK and around the world.

The Brief
In recognition of their 25th anniversary and to celebrate this amazing milestone, DRWF had a vision to hold their first national wellness event that would attract attendees from all over the country and thus ‘United Through Diabetes’ was born. With big ambitions for this event, Compleat were asked to support the team at DRWF with the planning, coordination and execution.

The primary goal for DRWF was to create a successful, well-attended event that would encourage knowledge sharing, foster community engagement and establish itself as an annual event.

The Solution

Registration and Attendee Experience: Compleat developed a professionally branded registration site, creating a user-friendly booking process for all attendees. Queries were dealt with in an efficient manner shaping a positive experience pre-event.

Logistics and Operations: Detailed plans and timelines were produced, enabling every deadline to be met. With 5 parallel programme streams, it was crucial that all aspects had been considered and were delivered.

On-site coordination: Lisa, Heather and Georgina were on site for the duration of the event, working closely with various vendors coordinating a timely setup and breakdown and the delivery of a seamless event.

The Result

High Attendance: The one day, United Through Diabetes event attracted 440 attendees which created a vibrant atmosphere and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Community Engagement: The event created a safe space for attendees to share experiences and knowledge, generating a sense of community for those with diabetes.  The ‘Research Village’ allowed individuals to present diabetes research and for event attendees to learn from these valuable presentations.

Repeat Event: Due to the inaugural event success, DRWF have succeeded in their ambition to make this an annual event.

Pre event preparations, clear communications and processes implemented prior to the event, ensured delegates, speakers and exhibitors attended a well organised, professional and desirable event that we are sure will continue to grow in popularity and prestige.

With 26 exhibitors in attendance, DRWF attendees were able to discover new products and services, gain knowledge and network with organisations operating in the diabetes or healthcare sector.  United Through Diabetes exceeded expectations and planning for the 2024 event has commenced.

“The team at Compleat are highly professional, accessible, supportive and their attention to detail is fantastic, often raising logistical questions that we had not considered and offering guidance and solutions.  Merging the experience and skills of our two teams has been a great learning curve and a relationship we are excited and looking forward to growing. Onward and upward!”

Lee Calladine, DRWF

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