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St Christopher’s CARE 2023



Urgent Care at End of Life: The Principles in Action (Half Day) – 3 February
Frailty and End of Life (Half Day) – 14 March
Care Homes: A Major Investment Opportunity (Half Day) – 14 March
A Celebration of Nursing Around the World Sustaining Progress Against the Odds – 11 May
Reviving and Advancing Palliative Nursing through Action and Advocacy – 12 May
Shaping End of Life with a Focus on Dementia – 16 May
Bereavement and Loss: New Frontiers – 21 June
Facing Death Creatively – 30 October
Motor Neurone Disease – 17 November

Sector: Healthcare, Hospice Care
Venue: St Christopher’s CARE, London
Format: 6 1 Day Live Events and 3 Half Day Live Events
Event Package: Conference in a Box + on-site management

The Background

St Christopher’s Hospice is a specialist palliative and end of life care service which hosts a state-of-the art community and learning centre called St Christopher’s CARE, situated adjacent to the hospice itself. Through this centre they aim to provide high quality training in end of life care for health and social care professionals across a wide range of sectors.

The Brief

Keen to offer a strong customer experience and streamline their conference and event planning, St Christopher’s came to Compleat with a calendar of events consisting of 1-day conferences which they wanted to use as a platform to share the latest thinking in palliative and end-of-life care.  The St Christopher’s CARE centre was newly built, and conferences were an ideal way to showcase the new learning space, whilst demonstrating what the Hospice has to offer.

With this ambitious vision, internal time constraints and pressures, Compleat were asked to work alongside the CARE team in coordinating and executing the conferences.

The Solution

Efficient Online Registration: Compleat built a registration site for each event which enabled attendees to book with ease.  With multiple events open at the same time, a simple and efficient registration process was vital.

Attention to Detail: Many of the conference programmes included several activities and breakout sessions and this meant that the space needed to be cleverly utilised. Compleat supported the coordination of these activities whilst highlighting details that needed to be carefully considered.

Easy Attendee Reporting: Easy access to live reporting was made available to the CARE team so they could keep track of registrations for each event. Standard and bespoke reports were created to help monitor attendee rates across all events.

The Result

Less Stress and Time Saved: Our experience and administrative skills meant that the CARE team could channel their energy where it was needed most, by focusing on the content of the conferences and ensuring learning and training was apparent throughout each event.

Target Audiences Reached: The multitude of events attracted many professionals across palliative and end-of-life care where they gathered and shared their knowledge and skills in specific topics.

Successful Delivery: Compleat provided expert event management as well as professional on the day support.  Efficient preparations, good communication and an eye for detail ensured St Christopher’s could deliver their 2023 calendar of events. Delegates, speakers, and exhibitors attended professional, well organised events and the St Christopher’s CARE centre raised its profile as an excellent hub of learning and community engagement.

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