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Yes you can

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. 
Henry Ford 

We are all facing new decisions and situations at the moment and a couple of recent personal reactions reminded me how important attitude is in everything we face.

Henry Ford’s quote above is so true. The outcome if often decided before we start.

Since we went into lockdown in March, before starting work each morning I have walked with a friend and I was determined to keep this up when work pressures started to pull me to the desk early.  So, as I became busier, I got up earlier. The weather has been kind to us throughout but a few weeks ago brought one of the first really wet mornings.

I thought about staying home but then decided to not let a bit of water stop me. However, I am a fine weather person and as I walked, my head was down and I really wasn’t enjoying the walk. I said this and my walking buddy said, put your face up to the rain it’s lovely. I did and she was right, I enjoyed the rest of my walk and the rain has not put me off since.

The second was with my husband Roy.  He was off to tennis the other day and was not happy that the match was to be played in ‘the bubble’. He doesn’t like playing in the bubble. When he got home, I didn’t ask him if he won as I would normally, I asked him if he had lost. Yes, he replied, I think I had lost before I left home.  So, his challenge is to love ‘the bubble’.

There are days when we all wonder if we can do something, and as we return to lockdown across England for some this will become a little harder.

For those of us in live events, the fact that we have remained closed throughout (if over 30 attendees) has  significant challenges, but it has also given us the gift of opportunity, so we really must keep Henry Ford in mind – ‘yes you can’.

Enjoy the day and if you have similar experiences, I would love to hear them.

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