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Perceived Value – Added Value – A true gift

Those of you who have read earlier pieces I have written will know that they often relate to travels, things which have happened and then got me thinking.

I was lucky enough to visit Botswana a few years ago and in a very different way from the enforced isolation of lockdown I spent time out on the Okavango Delta miles from anywhere in a tent with no connection to the outside world.

We had landed on a small airstrip and were picked up by our guide who took us to our camp of just 4 tents.  Each evening when we decided it was time for bed we were escorted to our tents and not allowed to leave until we were collected early the next morning.  One morning, setting out in the early hours with our guide we left our tents in the pitch black and went off in search of the wildlife and to enjoy our breakfast on the Delta.  Each day brought new experiences and I loved talking with our guide who had never left the Delta having grown up with a local tribe.  A man of such incredible knowledge with limited schooling and certainly no internet.  There was nothing he didn’t know about the Delta and the animals but when discussing the stars he did not believe me when mentioned the space station, this was something he just couldn’t comprehend.

Upon returning to camp one morning, we were met by one of the team taking care of us with a look of real concern.  They were very sorry but something had happened. My immediate thought was of family back home, but then realised no message was going to reach us here without incredible effort.  It turned out that the zip to the tent had not been fully closed and something had got in and chewed one of my flip flops.  The person sharing this was concerned because my flip flops must have been very expensive.  I assured them that they were not, they had fake ‘jewels’ which gave the impression they were valuable.  Again they found this hard to understand.

I still have the flip flops and when I see the nibbled edge I have happy memories of a very different form of isolation.

So thinking about business we all have things which have a real value to others and cost us very little.  During lockdown the sharing of knowledge without charging for that time has been given willingly but as you return to a busier life, consider what you have that you can give to the benefit of others. What does your business have which will set you apart.  It is always the little things that matter.


What can you give or what do you give to your clients – drop me an email, I would love to hear.

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