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Is your bathtub starting to fill?

A recent email from our brilliant and very supportive web provider said ‘And really glad your taps are being turned on again’!

This was in response to me telling him of the great successes achieved by the Compleat Team in the first three weeks of 2021.

What a positive image. Lovely warm water filling a bath where you can luxuriate, surrounded by your favourite bubble bath, candles and music – for some a happy place.

Where is your business happy place?

Mine is a live event, surrounded by delegates, each learning and enjoying the energy that comes from the physical meeting of colleagues, peers and the leaders in the industry. The music and lights of the auditorium, the social events and awards. Seeing many months of planning all come together, looking like it ‘just happens’ and loving the fact that on the day it does, knowing that is because we put in the legwork early, checked every t and dotted every i.

It’s good to know our clients are turning on the taps to hold their live events once again.

Do you have an upcoming event that you need help with?

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