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It’s How You Look at Things

Do you remember the days of physical maps when planning a journey?

Today there is much less planning needed with Satnav telling us when we will arrive, the route to take and the likely challenges along the way. Even once on the journey it gives us warning of trouble ahead, does its best to guide us around it and keep us heading in our planned direction.

Physical maps and the planning we made in the past didn’t warn us of accidents or road works. We often got caught up in lengthy delays which, with a bit of advance warning could have been avoided.

When you are the navigator, how do you look at your map? I like to turn it so the road I am travelling is directly ahead. If we turn, so does the map. Others like the map to stay just as it is and they follow, left and right up and down.

Business is much the same, sometimes we get guidance and warnings of challenges ahead, sometimes not.

There were no warnings for the changes that we would all need to make in the past 12 months. For some it has meant a huge increase in demand and for others an almost immediate stop to the way they have done business. We each had a route mapped out and for some the road became blocked. We had to change course or come to a complete stop.

At Compleat we have always kept our eye on our ‘north’ so even though we have had to change direction our goal remains the same.

How have you had to change and how have you managed to keep you eyes firmly on the road ahead? I would love to hear the changes you have made and how you have kept moving forward on your journey.

Good luck as the roads re-opens and your journey continues.

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