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Five Billion Trees – Strength In Numbers

I don’t know about you but other than my health and family the thing that I have appreciated most in the last 11 months, is nature.


But even with the pause our planet has been given through this Pandemic, the continuous loss of trees across the world is catastrophic. So when I read about a drone project to plant 500 billion tress I was blown away. Imagine, a drone flying over hard to plant areas, using digital intelligence, firing seeds in a biodegradable pod with all the nutrients it needs with speed and accuracy. A project that will give the world cleaner air and cleaner water. Knowing that by restoring our forests you are helping restabilise our climate. Incredible vision becoming reality.


Drones have been used in many ways in the events industry for some time with the filming of venues and events, capturing locations, height and angles impossible in the past. I was aware of their huge capability, but I hadn’t thought this big! Thank goodness someone did.

There is always room in your life to think bigger, pushing limits and imagining the impossible so my questions to you are:

how are you thinking bigger in your business?
if you aren’t, what is holding you back?
if you have big plans; will they leave the world in a better state than it is now? If it does – be brave and go for it.
By working with Compleat our clients have someone alongside, driving the change and growth needed for their organisation. They can be confident we are thinking big, thinking ahead, confident our priority is their objectives and delivering their member’s needs.


If time or expertise is your answer to number 2 then seeking a partner to support to you is definitely worth your consideration.

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