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First Impressions

We all know the saying:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression. 

Have you considered the first impression people have when they come into contact with your Company? People are looking at us and checking us out long before they meet us nowadays. Social media, blogs, podcasts, websites, reviews… people can find a lot out before they do business with us, so these things are all incredibly important but still too is that first face to face meeting.

Might you be losing business and not even know it?

The story below really continues from last month’s article about Customer’s Shoes. It is so important to take a walk in them and be sure the experience is the best you can possibly offer.


During our lifetime we attend and have the pleasure of being invited to many events whether that’s the works Christmas do, an annual conference, a friends birthday party or baby shower… the list goes on! For many, one of the most memorable and significant events we will attend is a wedding. The amount of time and work that goes into organising a wedding is immense and for some, it can be a very stressful time. Finding ‘the’ dress is a very special occasion and is hopefully one of the most enjoyable occasions in the lead up to a wedding. I had the privilege of accompanying my friend of over 20 years in her hunt to find ‘the’ dress and whenever I consider first impressions in the world of business, this story springs to mind…


On arrival at the first appointment the group were welcomed by friendly members of staff and shown to a private area of the store. Whilst we sat admiring our surroundings with a cup of tea in hand the bride answered a series of questions which helped the consultant visualise ‘the big day’ and get a feel for my friend’s style, likes and dislikes. For the duration of the appointment the bride had the full attention of two members of staff and was made to feel special the entire time. We all left the first appointment feeling upbeat and satisfied and made our way to the second.

On arrival the group were welcomed into the store but then asked to ‘stand over there’ and ushered into the corner in amongst all the prom dresses. We all patiently waited, however after about 15 minutes we started to get a little frustrated. As we stood waiting, we found ourselves instantly comparing our experience to the first appointment. This assistant casually asked the ‘bride to be’ about her wedding day but it was clear there was no reason behind these questions other than making conversation. My friend tried on a number of dresses but nothing compared and she returned to the first store to place the order for her wedding dress.

The second store are unaware of our comparison and will presume they just didn’t have ‘the’ dress. Part of finding the perfect dress is about how you feel when you put it on and the reaction of your party when you come out of the changing room. Being made to feel special and having the assistants full attention is all part of the experience. Sadly, the store lost far more than one sale that day. We have all recommended the first store to friends and family, and I returned there for my own dress. When I left the other, I knew I wouldn’t return and I have shared our experience with others. First impressions are critical, you never get a second change to make a first impression.

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