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How well do you know your customers?

The way the world does business is constantly evolving. If you think back even just five short years, the technology, and its business-changing potential that we now take for granted, would have been inconceivable.

Events and conferencing is no different and it’s crucial that you know what your customer wants in order to make sure you deliver it.

Delivering successful events 
When you decide to host a conference or event, of any scale, you are immediately committed to dedicating business resources to achieving a successful event that delivers business benefits.

Depending on your event, those benefits might be launching a new product or service, increasing market share, training and upskilling your staff, communicating with staff and shareholders – the list goes on.

The common theme though is that you have goals you are seeking to achieve and are investing in.

It stands to reason, therefore, that you want your event to be a sell-out with great reviews and an audience left hungry for more. So much so that they can’t wait to book for the next one!

Exploring transformation 
The business world is increasingly populated by a younger generation who have never known life without mobile technology and its associated freedoms. It’s only natural therefore that these same people are challenging the status quo when it comes to events and conferences.

Of course, there are many businesses for whom, ‘traditional’ event formats of conference halls, breakout sessions and exhibitions spaces will be exactly what their target audience is looking for.

However, for others, you probably need to consider embracing new ways of doing things. It’s not unusual to attend events where all activities, from training to the main stage, demo zones to exhibition spaces are hosted in the same space.

Immersive technology is used to demonstrate products and services, and delegates are encouraged to get ‘hands on’ during the event.

Understand your audience 
Before you start letting your imagination run riot about the endless possibilities to transform the format of your event – stop.
Take some time to explore the needs and wants of your audience.

There are several ways you can do this, and a mixture of methods will yield the best results.

Whether it’s via a survey, a phone call or feedback sheets, ask your intended audience questions like;

What do they want?
What did they enjoy last time?
What would they like to see more – or less – of?
How would they like you to communicate with them before, during and after the event?

Check out the competition 
There’s no suggestion here that you should simply replicate what your competitors are up to. However, knowing your market is crucial if you want to keep up, or better yet, get ahead of the competition.

Whilst looking at what other people in your industry, especially market leaders, are up to, it’s also wise to take a reality check. In other words, what are they trying and what are their results?

Learn from their mistakes and in turn, save yourself time and money by avoiding the pitfalls yourself.

Incremental change 
Once you know what your audience want, and what your competitors are up to, pause. Take a breath and don’t allow yourself to feel pressured into implementing sweeping changes.

Prioritise the changes that will offer the most significant improvement in results for your event and your business. Focus your efforts on making high quality, incremental changes. Make sure changes are practical to implement and deliver measurable results to prove – or disprove – their benefit.

Call in the professionals 
If all this leaves you feeling a bit confused as to what to do first, don’t panic. At the Compleat Conference Company we have experience of delivering events spanning many different formats. Our experts will be happy to help you consider your options and can even be by your side throughout the lifecycle of the event.

For your FREE initial consultation drop me an email or give me a call on 01489 66833.  There really is no obligation. 

Do you have an upcoming event that you need help with?

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